Sup'Biotech projects is an online journal dedicated to the publication of student projects in the format of scientific articles. Work published in the Sup'Biotech projects online journal are supervised by tutors. When possible, the work published  on Sup'Biotech projects is peer reviewed by Sup'Biotech students.

Volume 1. February 2018
Call for articles for the first volume of Sup'Biotech Projects Journal

The Fil Rouge 2017 project is in its final steps. All groups  now have the opportunity to publish their work in the new online journal Sup'Biotech projects.  After taking into account the reviewers' comments, please upload the final version of your article for consideration by the editors of SJ.

Deadline for submission : January 11th, 2018

Editorial Board

Frank Yates
Asst. Prof., Sup'Biotech

Estelle Mogensen

Instructor, head of
Sup'Biotech laboratories

Rafika Jarray

Asst. Prof., Sup'Biotech