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🆕⭐SARS-Cov-2 by the Numbers

Everything you need to know about the virus!
An excellent graphical overview : a must read.

Bar-On, Flamholz, Phillips, Milo, eLife Journal,
Mar 2020, Vol.9:e57309

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Latest update : 13/4/2020


Professors at Sup'Biotech have adapted their courses to the situation. Biotechnology tools are on the front line in the fight against the pandemic.

  • New detection technology based on CRISPR !
    CRISPR is a real revolution in the field of biotechnology. The SHERLOCK technique, described in 2017, can be used to diagnose Covid-19. This technology is developed for the biotech company Sherlock Biotechnologies, competing with another technique, DETECTR, developed for the company Mammoth Biosciences in 2018.
    These strategies are described by Elise Delage during the Synthetic Biology Course (Biotech 4).


  • Possible implication of lipid rafts in the infection mechanism of SARS-Cov-2
    These very recent studies are aimed at understanding how "lipid rafts" are used by the virus to enter the cell. These could maybe provide new avenues to try to limit the infectious nature of the virus.
    This mechanism is studied during the cell biology course (Biotech 3).

    Learn more : Elise DELAGE, Professor @ Sup'Biotech

  • Virology courses
    The Virology course given in BT2 has easily lent itself to the subject! Delivered in January by Elodie Layat, she was able to address during this course what was known about the SARS-Cov-2 virus at the time. This was an opportunity to illustrate, with a current example, the very high mutation capacity of coronaviruses.

    Learn more : Elodie LAYAT, Professor @ Sup'Biotech

  • Développer un test COVID-19 par PCR
    To introduce the notions of genetic engineering , what better example than the development Covid-19 diagnostic test?
    Frank Yates, in his course "Introduction to Genetic Engineering" (Biotech 2) addresses this with the students, who are led to work on the recently published genomic sequence of the SARS-Cov2 virus.

    Learn more : Frank YATES,
    Professor @ Sup'Biotech

VidEo and audio



  • History of the Covid-19 epidemic ,  Arnaud Fontanet (Institut Pasteur). 20/2/2020. Link

  • From transmission to molecular mechanism of SARS-Cov-2. Scientific Animations. Link

  • Quantitative PCR used in diagnostics. Arpan Youtube Channel Links

  • SHERLOCK technology : another CRISPR revolution. Diagnostocs of Covid-19 .. MIT. 4/12/2018. Link

  • Making vaccines. Sanofi 2018. Link

  • How dangerous is Covid-19 ? SciShow 14/3/20. Link

  • Sampling for Covid-18 : Nasal swabbing, how does it look like ? New England Journal of Medicine. 2009. Link

  • Why soap destroys SARS-Cov-2. RCSB Protein Bank. 18/3/2020. Link

  • 🆕 How to tell if we're back on track. Minute Physics. 27/3/20. Link


  •  Is the virus SARS-Cov-2 airborne ? Science vs Podcast. 5/4/2020 Link

  • Plasma transfusion. Radiolab Podcast. 3/4/20. Link

  •  The race to make ventilators. Planet Money Podcast. 3/4/20. Link

  • 🆕 When will it end ? Science vs. 11/4/20. Link

understanding the disease Covid-19

  • 🆕Poster : How does it affect the body ? Multilingual. Azuravesta. Link

  • General introduction on coronavirus. Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford. 25/3/2020. Link / Lab Med Blog. 24/2/2020  Link

  • Scientific review on Covid-19  NCBI 20/3/2020. Link

  • Review on infection mechanisms. Annual Review of Microbiology 21/6/2019. Link

  • "How the virus got out". An excellent press article fabulously illustrated, after an investigation to understand how the virus was able to travel so far, so fast. New York Times.   Link

  • Scientific articles on Covid-19 research: biology, treatments..... Collection maintained by Nature Publishing Group. updated regularly . Comments :  link  / Articles : link

  • What is a respirator exactly ? Preferred treatment for serious patients of Covid-19, this machine seems to be the indispensable element for the reception of patients hospitalized for pulmonary disorders. This site explains in detail how it works. 1/4/2020. Link

  • Covid-19 pathology appears to be less serious in younger patients. A mystery to be solved. Resources on Covid-19 and pediatric patients. 26/3/2020. Société Française de Pédiatrie. Lien /  Podcast Science vs. Link

  •  Inside the coronavirus genome. New York Times. 6/4/20.Link

  • Coronavirus updates : an interesting array of original articles on the Covid situation. FreeThink Media. updated regularly. Lien

  • 🆕 NEXTSTRAIN : follow the genome of SARS-Cov-2 live ! An excellent interactive website to understand the geographical  origin of the virus . Link

  • ⭐Evidence-based  medicine : In these uncertain times, arm yourself with the best weapon: the scientific method, and beware of cognitive bias !  Evidence & medicine. Harvard. 2017 Link  / Cognitive biases. Link  / Scientifc method illustrated. Scientific American  Links


  • 🆕ANTICOVID excellent website (with a search trial function) gathering all clinical trial info. . CEPTON strategy. updated regularly. Site web : Link / Recap (6/4/20) PDF

  • Trial DISCOVERY. A European clinical trial to evaluate four investigational Covid-19 treatments has just started. INSERM.  24/3/2020. Link

  • 🆕Trial SOLIDARITY. A global clinical trial involving thousands of patients coordinated by the WHO. Science. 22/3/2020. Link

  • Biotech in Europe mobilizes against Covid. Labiotech. 10/3/2020. Link

  • mRNA vaccination: where do we stand? A mRNA Vaccine Overview. Labiotech. 30/3/2020. Lien

  • Repurposing drugs: is it in old pots that we make the best soups? Article on drug "repurposing". ScienceNews 10/3/2020. Lien / Nature Biotechnology. 27/2/2020. Link

  • Developing a drug in an emergency. How the current situation can profoundly change the clinical development pipeline. Nature Biotechnology. 20/3/2020. Link

  • 🆕Why is it so difficult to develop a vaccine quickly?
    This commentary in the New England Journal of Medicine explains the challenges involved in drug development. NEJM. 2/4/2020. Lienk

  • What happens physiologically when you recover from Covid-19? A very well referenced commentary to understand how the immune system reacts after infection, and the duration of protection generated. A Christakis. Link

  • 🆕List of treatments & vaccines curently under study.  FreeThink media 13/4/20. Link   - The Scientist 7/4/20 Link

DiagnosticS / Tests

  • Overview of current techniques The Scientist. 3/3/2020. Link

  • Covid-19 diagnostic market status. Very complete commentary. Nature. 23/3/2020. Biotechnology. Link

  • Enquête intéressante sur les tests diagnostics et les difficultés rencontrées aux Etats Unis. New Yorker. 20/3/2020. Link

  • Updated list of commercially available tests for Covid-19. 360dx diagnostics. Regular Update. Link

  • 🆕 Automatisation  : a key to future testing ? 3/4/2020. Link

  • ⭐SHERLOCK detection technique - biotechnology for today and tomorrow: CRISPR to the rescue to diagnose Covid-19 simply, quickly and efficiently. MIT. 14/2/2020   Link

  • NSG (Next Generation Sequencing): can it be used for diagnostic detection purposes to diagnose thousands of patients at a time? An article in prepublication par H. Sallis (Penn State U). 20/3/2020. Link

  • New isothermal screening technique: process developed by ALERE (Abbott)  approved by the FDA for Covid-19. ALERE "ID NOW" technology : Link / FDA emergency use (Abbott)  27/3/2020. Link



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For a complete list of international events,

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  • Selection of events :

    • Cas-Clover: the clean alternative to CRISPR, April 14th, 17:00 CET
      In this webinar, we will hear from scientific experts about the design and implementation considerations for Cas-CLOVER.
    • ⭐ Organoids, 22/4/2016:00 (BST) 
      Organized by Stem Cell Technologies. Link

    • MOOC "Emerging viruses"
      Institut Pasteur. Plateforme FUN. Inscription jusqu'au 10/4/2020 Lien
    • 🆕⭐The Pasteur Institute at the heart of Covid-19. 23/4/20 14h00.
      Invited speaker :  CIBU (Pasteur, Paris). Link
      Conference in French organized by Sup'Biotech - available to Sup'Biotech students.


  • Selection :
    • The living brain project : preventing dementia
      On demand webinar. Lien

    • Clinical grade production
      List of on demand webinars by EMDMillipore. Lien

    • 🆕 ⭐Stem Cell webinars
      List of on demand webinars by Takara. Lien

    • Three-dimensional Models for Oncology and Retinal Research
      By Corning and Univ Amsterdam. On demand. Lien

Agenda of international events
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