How to manage your scientific bibliography


Overview of the Mendeley library

  • Your library of articles in Mendeley is just a list of documents. Each item contains all the details of the articles : Title, Authors, Date... (Video 1) :


Adding an article to your library

  • Using the internal Mendeley online search engine (Video 2)

  • Using Pubmed with the Mendeley web plugin (Video 3)

  • Directly from the PDF of an article (Video 4)

  • You can set up Mendeley to scan a folder on your computer, and Mendeley will  every PDF you save in it. (Video5)

  • Always check and correct when importing a PDF file that the reference is well imported.  (Video 6)


  • Each journal has its own style for citations and references.
    Reminder (Video 7):

    • A citation is the marker inside a text, for example :
      [1] or (Smith, 2002)

    • A reference is the text contained in the bibliography at the end of a document, for example :
      1. Smith, Wesson. Title of the Article. Jan, 2002. Vol.1, p 45.

  • Mendeley can be used with Word. For this you need to install the Word Plugin (Video 8)

  • You can add your citations inside Word. (Video 9)

  • You can easily change style within the Mendeley section. It will modify the style of both the citations and the reference (Video 10)


Video tutorials


  • Mendeley is one amongst many other software to manage bibliography. All these programs will more or less have similar functions.

    • Zotero, EndNote, Readcube-Papers, JabRef...