Sup'Biotech Student Symposium
organized by Biotech 5 R&D students, class of 2020


Organized by
Sup'Biotech 2020

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Photos of Student Symposium 2019

Organized with the help of the
Villejuif Geothermal Power Plant


PROGRAM : Nov 13th, 2019

9am    Welcome
9.15-9.30    Introduction

9.30-10.10    DM COMPOST.
Invited speaker : Paul-Étienne Fontaine

Co-Founder AZUVIA

10.10-10.50    Direct Evolution

Invited speaker : Alaksh Choudhury

"Quantitative Evolutionary Microbiology" IAME, Inserm U1137

10.50-11.10    Coffe Break

11.10-11.50    Endocrin disruptors

Invited speaker : Vincent Laudet

Banyuls Oceanographic Observatory

11.50-12.30    Curcumin (B)

Project presentation by group members

Sup'Biotech Biotech 5

12.30-13.30    Lunch
prepared by BioCampus


13.30-14.10    Light Sheet

Invited speaker : Christelle Langevin


14.10-14.50    Organoids (A)

Invited speaker : Jules Heraud

PhD student BlackHole Lab

14.50-15.30  Organoids (B)

Invited speaker : Josquin Courte

PhD student in the team "Degenerative Processes
in Neurons and Networks" UMR 8256 (CNRS-UPMC, IBPS)

15.30-16.00    Coffee Break

16.00-16.40    Essential oils

Invited speaker : Isabel Valsecchi

PhD student Institut Pasteur

16.40-17.20    Curcumin (A)

Invited speaker : Jean-Pierre Jourdan

Pharm D, PhD UNICAEN / CHU Caen 


17.20-18.00    Poster session & 

Concluding remarks

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